In compliance thereof to the Mineral Oils Act of Nigeria (1963) and related regulations; and in keeping to our Clients’ operations philosophy, Zukus Industries Limited adopts the following Safety, Health, Environment and Security (HSES) Policy:.

It is ZUKUS policy that all activities are planned and executed in a manner that:

  • Preserves Health, Safety and Security of employees, the employees of our Clients, and all members of the public who may be affected by our operations.
  • Continuously identify and control accident-causes (HAZARDS) associated with our operations.
  • Minimize accident losses.
  • Minimize the impact of our operations on the Environment.
  • Is sensitive to the needs and concerns of ZUKUS’ host communities.

It is therefore the policy of Zukus Industries Limited to ensure that our employees are sponsored in all relevant HSES training and that they are fit and healthy.  Since work do affect any or every system of the human body, it is essential therefore that early recognition of health hazards are established, monitored and controlled.

Health is wealth!  All employees including third parties are enjoined to provide health and environment acceptable condition both at work and at home.  Zukus acknowledges its duty to ensure health, safety and security of its employees and protect the environment in which it operates.  In this regards, it is expected of all employees to be actively involved in the implementation of our HSES Policy.
The above HSES policy will be constantly monitored and up-dated as required.

Managing Director